My Husbands First Bday Celebration Since Our Marriage



Mr. Strayhon ( as I now like to call him) Is a Virgo. Birthday is Sept 22.


I have always done my best to make it as special as possible but this year I really wanted to make it super special.


Some things to know about my Hubby.



His favorite food is definitely Mexican, so of course we had to have one of our outings be to a Mexican Restaurant.


We went to an amazing one called Bone Garden Cantina here in Atlanta.



The outside is very unassuming but the inside is such an Artistic experience. The theme is Candy Skulls and Day of the Dead.


Absolutely amazing artwork and theme inside.



The food and the service was equally wonderful ! We had a great time.


I had a Mexican pasta and he had some Enchilladas. Our drinks were also amazing!


Nice, dark romantic with excellent party music vibes.



I guess I should have also started by stating I got us a room for the weekend for all our fun, and just to have a change of scenery from our home.



We got a room at Courtland Grand Hotel that used to be The Sheraton evidently. To my dismay , room was smaller than we expected and the check in process was nightmarish. Very dishonest staff and they like to take and keep peoples money when they issue accomodations for their horrible mistakes and staff. The only good things about it were the Valet Parking and the amazing greenhouse like Indoor pool ( although it was suppossed to be heated and could have been a bit better as well)


Hotel over all is outdated. I would definitely suggest they work on their customer satisfaction as well as hotel room decor upgrades.



We however ran with it and made the best of it as we just wanted to begin his Birthday without any further delays.


The next day we ventured out to Forza Storico, I believe they may be a sister restaurant to Storico Restaurant.
They were EXCEPTIONAL, I was once as big of a fan of Storico Fresco but our last experience there was not there best food. But I may be willing to go back someday .. BUT HONEY, if you are in Atlanta and love good Roman, Italian food..



It was amazing!

We had an amazing charcuterie board.
Amazing Gelatto.
Delicious drinks
THE meals. My Husband had the Branzino dish and I had a delicious spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta dish with roasted almonds, butter, the freshest cheese ever and olive oil.


We both just wanted more and cannot stop thinking about it.


I also got him an amazing BANANA Pudding cake, Banana pudding is his favorite dessert.


I plan on getting him some tickets to the Atlanta Tutenkamen Display also as a treat.
He loves those kinds of things.


Again to my Mister.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY!
(Yes there are more pics of me than him, because he doesn’t like photos as much lol)