Well we have been married now almost 4 months. We will hit four months on the 14th of Sept.

Here are just a few words of wisdom. Most women not all, all someone more emotionally mature than their male counterparts. This is not to say men are stupid, not saying that. What I am saying is most men can be mature in many other ways but still struggle with emotional maturity.



As you know from our story my Husband and I have been together 15 years but just recently got married.
Now some might think that would make our transitition into marriage easier. That is not the case. I think it is usually just the opposite and here is why. Most men see it as finally getting married and the day and first couple of weeks after the marriage are special to them, BUT since the relationship no longer is new (especially after 15 years) Most men, my husband included think that they just continue from where we already were in the relationship. Women , myself included ….see it as a reset and a new beginning. A deeper and even more bonded NEW beginning and this is the part where communication, a little couples therapy and couples reconnection books and activities come in.



My Husband and I are working on making what is old new again.
So we have been enjoying a few adventures here and there.

We wanted to share a few with you ( My husband actually had the idea of us continuing to blog our experiences etc during our first year of marriage),



So a week after marriage our first date as a Married couple was to a Mexican Restaurant in the Buckhead area of Atlanta called, Alma Cocina. We enjoyed our food a great deal. If you ever go there be sure to try their nice sized Chihuahua cheese. They serve it piping hot and breaded. It is like a super sized Mozarella Stick with a super nice crunch and it just sizzles and oozes. So good!


Our next date , I believe the following week was to see the latest installation in the Fast and Furious movies.
We went to a AMC theatre that had food and a bar. Now We usually go to the Madison Yards Location here in Atlanta. On that particular day we went to one a little further out. Movie theatre itself was NOT a good experience, each others company was though.


For our second month married anniversary we went back to one of our favorite, authentic Italian restaurants in the area. We first learned of them years ago from the Travel Channel or Food Network. All the Italian food there is made by scratch.Full disclosue our first experience there (3 years prior) was so amazing we always knew we’d double back one day. Well this time when we went, unfortunately the experience was no where near as good. I seriously would have rated them a 12 out of 10 on the first visit and only a 6 out of ten on the second one this year. The name of the restaurant is Storico Fresco. They could have just had an off night or a new Chef. I would probably give them ONE more shot at it before making my final decision.


The very next morning after that my Husband decided to surprise me for Brunch. we went to Saltwood Charcuterie . I had the Tomahawk Grilled Chop and he had the Prime Burger. This place was AMAZING and the Charcuterie board was absolutely delicious.



For our 3rd month married we visited a spot I had been dying to visit for like 2 years, THE GARDEN ROOM ATL.
So the ambience is beautiful! You’ll see it in my photos and it will be self explanatory. The lobster au gratin was absolutely delicious as were the oysters on the half shell. My Hubby had the Salmon it was also really good. This is they type of restaurant that serves its food it courses so the portions are smaller and definitely pricey but overall really good experience. Our server was amazing. We bought desserts but they also treated us to the cutest little anniversary dessert on them as well. Did I mention the ice cream there is from scratch?


We also had my Mother In Laws birthday weekend and that was a very cool adventure also.
We took her to the Frankie Beverly and Maze concert and we also took her to lunch at Chateau Elan Winery here in Brasselton Ga. The grounds are simply stunning! I have already told Brandon I want to go and stay there for the weekend for my birthday and experience more of the Chateau. It is gorgeous. We had lunch at a restaurant called Versailles there, THE FOOD WAS INCREDIBLE.



Then about maybe 10 days or less after that we went to the Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa concert.
Look when I tell you that was absolutely amazing… it was. One of the best shows I have ever been to in my entire life!


They had some guests we knew were going to be there but also an assortment of surprises, including Lady of Rage. Hearing Afro Puffs live made my night. My Husband is very reserved and not much of a party guy so seeing his lighten up and actually have fun when he saw Burner was amazing.



OUR mini moon trip .. We didn’t get to go on a Honeymoon so we went up to the Blue Ridge Ga Mountains for 3 nights and 4 days and then added a trip to The Expedition Bigfoot Museum and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on at the end. We made it an only use your devices as needed trip and really took the time to reconnect and focus less on work and more on us last week and it was much needed. We even cooked together ( Thanks to Karla Cottman Hilliard) for those Mr and Mrs Aprons for a wedding gift. I finally put them to use. I made so much food and it was so great to see him smile and enjoy every last bite.


He is an avid Bigfoot fan to he definitely enjoyed the Museum ( its located in Blue Ridge).

The Botanical Gardens, especially the Trolls display and the Goddess of the Garden are simply BEAUTIFUL! If you have never been…go!



We rounded out our recent fun with Trinity’s 18th birthday celebration.
Her birthday was Sept 7. As a family this week , (my 25 year old daughter Pajuah even came to visit) we went to The Sugar Factory in Midtown and also The Georgia Aquarium ( Trinity had never gone before). The Sugar Factory was so full of life and the Goblet drinks are expensive but delicious and the experience is so fun. The Aquarium was fun, Trinity loved the dolphins and the Otters.



So that is what life has been like since May 14 2023 for me.


Words of advice, anything worth having usually takes HARD work and dedication. Marriage is no different. There are good days and bad ones. What makes marriage work is how you deal with the bad ones!

Happy Autumn Everyone!



My son Christian turns 21 on Sept 17th. He is not in the Atlanta area but I miss him and am definitely thinking of him.  Can’t wait to see him soon!



Next up Husbands birthday on Sept 22 and then I cannot wait till Halloween.

Miami in November for my Girls trip!!

Life is too short not to fully LIVE!