The Wedding of

The Bride and Groom to be A.K.A Silent and Sauce!

(He Proposed June 20,2021)


We could not be happier to be sharing this experience with you. I’m Charlene the Bride to be and I’ll be telling you all about our story.


We met 13 years ago. We live in a society where it is normal to meet each other online. It should be no surprise that we too met that way. I am originally from Maryland and had been in Georgia about a year.

My handsome Groom to be is an Atlanta native. Although we hope within a year or two to call Florida home.  For me all it took was one meeting and I knew I wanted to get to know Brandon so much more. Soon we were building an interesting friendship and spending every day together just about.


Like most relationships there have been good times, bad times and lots of crazy times. But due to the foundation we had as friends we always seemed to be like moths to each other flames. To be candid we just cannot stay away from each other.

“You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” – Rod Serling, ‘The Twilight Zone’

We are complete opposites in many ways. He’s the introvert and me well I am the social extrovert. But over the years we have found that while we have many differences in thoughts and in personality, we have the most important things in common. Those things are respect and real love for each other. 

We accept each other with flaws,scars and some crazy. But we also share some of the best laughs together.

We have built and grown our Web Design and Marketing companies together. He is also my taste tester for all my Chef work. I guess you could say we “feed” off of each other but in a good way. I can honestly state I think we both have brought out each others best talents, even the ones that were hidden.


Some of the things we enjoy together are Music and movies.Something that has always been a bonding and good conversation starter for us is the Twilight Zone and so if you have not guessed it yet… The theme of the Wedding is the Twilight Zone.

Our dream is to grow financially and to evolve emotionally with each other for many years to come. It is a journey we speak on often. We are simply put two opposite ends of a spectrum that met and grew in love over time. They say the best, longest lasting relationships begin as friends. We are without a doubt each others biggest cheerleaders,support and best friends.


We cannot wait to soon call each other Husband and Wife.


Brandon Strayhon and Charlene Wedding

About The Groom: Meet Brandon


Things to know about Brandon. He is extremely intelligent and handsome (I love both qualities) but seriously, his brain never fails to amaze. He is a Web Design Genius and Motion Graphics genius. He also makes some amazing music beats. 


He has a love for REAL Hip Hop. Even though he is from Atlanta he is not a mumble rap fan.
His favorite group is The Lox. He loves things that stimulate his mind. Some of his favorite topics to read about or to watch videos on include Alien life, parallel universes, laws of Physics, Law of Attraction, Crystals to name a few. He loves anything to do with Technology and loves customizing computers and smart phones.

He is into Sprituality, although not any particular religion. He is always looking for new ways to unlock his mind and has many thoughts on improving the world. 

He loves a good burger or chicken alfredo, although he is into reading and practicing cleaner eating and looking more info removing meats from his diet gradually.


Brandon is a quiet introspective man but with a big heart who wants to see people project more love into the world.


Once you get to know Brandon he
is the type of person who will help you if he can and who will have some of the most interesting conversations with you that you can imagine.

Brandon Strayhon and Charlene Wedding

Things to know about Charlene (The Bride.



She is also very intelligent.Charlene could read second year college level at the age of 8.She will be the first to admit

she has a weakness when it comes to Math areas like Geometry but beyond that she’s very smart. She cares a great deal about making the world more Liberal and open minded. She believes that adults should be able to live their lives as they see fit as long as they are not causing others harm. 


She is an advocate for:Women’s Rights,LGBTQ rights and Ethnic rights.

She’s a Feminist who is not afraid to tell you so and who believes in equality in the home and the workplace for women. 


Her faith is extremely important to her,but she won’t pressure others into her way of believing. She is a Christian but an open minded liberal one.She also has an interest in the Native African religion of Hoodoo, not to be confused with its darker friend voodoo. 


She is a gifted and talented artist who won many awards for Art in her youth. She wanted to be a fashion designer

and also played both Violin and clarinet. She sung lead in the play Annie in Elementary school. She is also into public speaking.


She still loves Fashion, her Groom to be can tell you about the room that is now a closet lol. She is now focused on Culinary Arts and Web Design and excels at both. Charlene also loves helping the homeless and hungry,horror movies and documentaries on crime.


She is an avid Prince fan and is obsessed with the following types of music: Opera,rap,disco,80s music,90s music. She loves her family but does believe that even family if toxic should be removed from your life for inner peace. Her favorite places to go are anywhere fun but especially beaches. Her favorite two beaches are Ocean City, Maryland and South Beach, Miami Florida.


She is really intrigued by the Paranormal and The Warrens.Horror movies,especially supernatural based ones are her jam. Lastly just anything Italian or to do with Italy. Her dream is toget a small sea side country villa there some day. The Bride’s favorite foods are Spaghetti, and Crabs. She cooks professionally so she loves food, period.



He (The Groom) is known by his friends as Silent and he gave me the nickname Sauce years ago due to my way of needing extra sauce anywhere

we went to eat. 


Now you know where Silent and Sauce got it’s origin.

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