The Wedding of

Hello to all our loved ones and friends!

We are a very unique couple and already have many of the things that people ask for on wedding registry’s like cooking tools, pots, pans…..


The Groom is into smart items and electronics and things that grow our web design businesses but those items are expensive and not items we expect to receive.


I think these are the best ideas as far as what and how to gift us.


Want to gift us financially with funds we can use towards buying a home? (something that we plan to begin getting ready for after the wedding)

Also, I would love funds to use towards Trinity continuing her education.


So If you are one of the people who just prefers to give monetary gifts, we can accept Zelle, cashapp and Pay Pal. To send via Zelle use


If you are family of course you can also mail a check just reach out to us for our mailing address.


NOW if you would rather gift us items the best way to do that so that we can choose items that we can truly use is by buying gift cards, hard copy ones or e-merch cards are both fine with us.


Preferred gift cards:


Crate and Barrel






Rooms to Go


Best Buy




Important update: The Groom has started the following registry’s:






Hopefully this is helpful for those of you, who stated you cannot make it but wanted to gift us.

Also hopefully if you are coming, this also makes it easier for you.

” There’s an old saying, a very, very old saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. When we leave here, when we go to the village, try to think of that, Miss Tyler. Say it over and over to yourself. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.~ Eye of the Beholder

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