The Couture Dress Process

So as promised lets get into the LEWKS honey.
(Audio, video and pics included)

Erica Angeline and Oyemwen both created custom looks for my wedding day. (Unfortunately the Oyemwen look was took big in the bust area on wedding day so I am having it altered and I will wear it for our first anniversary special date)

But lets discuss Erica Angeline. First some of you may not know it but she also designed the wedding dress and veil worn by RL’s wife from the RNB group Next. Her work is impeccable. She really treats each gown like they are her children.

A few things to know when electing for a custom, one of a kind, not on the rack gown.

  1. You have to have a good vivid imagination to understand the sketches.
  2. You need to really be careful about picking fabrics and beading that will match the overall vibe you want.
  3. This last one was hard for me sometimes, you need lots of trust and lots of patience.
  4. CUSTOM IS NOT CHEAP, you get what you pay for so remember that.

So for me I knew with the Twilight Zone theme and with 5 kids and 4 grandkids, I DID NOT NEED WHITE.
Black is a beautiful, beautiful wedding dress color. Back in the late 80’s Ebony magazine did a spread on black wedding gowns and I knew that was what I dreamed of.

I wore white the first time to make everyone else happy but this time I went with my own heart.

Luckily my Husbands favorite color is black.

I wanted to combine several things, the absolute worthy of a Queen styles I had seen from Frida Xhei Xhoi and also Lady Diana and Princess Graces dress elements BUT IN BLACK.

I made sketches of all 3 of my gowns and what I wanted them to look like and then trusted the designers to bring them to life.

The sketches I did are featured here in the gallery also.

So here are the details on the Ceremony gown:

Tulle long puff sleeves with exquisitely detailed, swarovski crystals and many buttons.

Where the sleeves met the bodice there were 3d flowers with faux pearl and crystal centers.

The bodice was covered in HUNDREDS of swarovski cystals as well as 3d Italian black flowers in both large and small sizes.

The waistline, the Princess Grace cumberbund look with a basque waistline with more crystals peeking out from underneath.

A detachable 17 foot train FULL of ruffles.

The FULL on superball gown skirt consisted of hoop petticoats and several layers of glitter and shimmer tulle.

There were hand ruched ruffles up and down the skirt and train. There were also 3d flowers hidden in the ruffles.

The inside featured 2 layers of bone corsetry custom made..

The dress laced up with corset closure in the back but still had buttons above.

I had a plunging v neckline with sheer black innerlay.

The Veil was 20 ft of tulle with hand beading throughout with my Grandmothers nickname and Birthday embroidered on the end.

All together the process took close to 18 months and about 5 fittings.

I picked both my dresses up just one week before my wedding.

Let’s talk about the second dress.

This was black Oscar De La Renta lace over pale grey crepe fabric.

The 3d gray flower and black beading appliques you see at my waist and on the back on the train on the peplum were gifts from my husband.

The Oscar De La Renta fabric was a gift from my son Christian Dillon.

This dress took 6 mos to complete.

The top featured a beautiful boned corset looking bodice and laced up in the back.

( funny thing I forgot to wear my body shaper, had it but forgot to put in on. So in the wedding day photos I am not as snatched as that dress actually made me look when at fittings I had on the undergarment)

The bottom was 3 layers of ruffles to create a gentle mermaid look. The ruffles also featured soft black 3d flowers.

The train was black lace on black crepe, detachable and had a fun peplum ruffle.

I wore two different fascinators with it, My favorite being the smaller ode to the Twilight Zone gray swirl one.

Both dresses were beautifully executed and I love them both.

The Oyemwen one is gorgeous as well I just didn’t get to wear it but will still include photos.

I will also share pictures of shoes that I tested with the gowns, bought for the gowns and then share which ones I actually wore.

I am beyond happy with my choice to spend more and to not shop at bridal boutiques. I knew what I wanted was not on a shelf anywhere.

Sidenote Erica Angeline is also a Marylander living in Atlanta so it was a perfect fit.

Check her out if you need a dress or even a suit. She does also sell non custom dresses but I new her Haute couture was the only way I’d love my gowns.

WEAR what you want in any color you want on your wedding day! Just trust the process and research your designer before choosing one. For other info on how to have a unique wedding and other designers who create non traditional gowns visit my business

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